Most professional physicians feel a special inclination for the Littmann stethoscopes. Nevertheless, we are finding more and more physicians who are looking for an alternative to this renowned brand. Some believe that Littmann models come with too high a price tag given the solutions they provide, while others have simply decided to give a chance to the emergent brands that are rapidly gaining positions in the market.

This is the case with MDF Instruments. While they have been manufacturing stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and neurological hammers since 1971, we have witnessed how they have become increasingly popular among professional physicians in the last few years.

What’s the reason for their increasing popularity?

  • On one hand, these stethoscopes provide good acoustic performance (we are mainly talking about the superior models).
  • On the other, they are long lasting and resilient. They have been manufactured with good materials and they come with a lifelong part replacement guarantee.
  • Finally, their prices are tight. Only a few MDF stethoscopes are over the $100 range.

And what about its acoustic performance?

We can say that is pretty good. Reviewing a stethoscope’s acoustic performance is always somewhat subjective. However, taking into account the professional physicians we have consulted and the research we have gone through, there is quite a lot of agreement in comparing MDF’s high range with Littmann Classic series.

If you harbor any doubts, we recommend you buy your stethoscope at some place where you are aware that, in case that you are dissatisfied with its performance, you will be able to exchange it for a different brand.

Now that we are dome with our brief introduction, let’s have a look at the most popular and best-selling MDF stethoscopes, along with its main features.


1. MDF MD One

MDF One stethoscope

This is MDF’s undisputed best-seller. It has accumulated nearly 400 positive reviews in Amazon. It’s not the MDF with the best acoustics, but it is within the range that provides top-notch quality at very reduced prices. Besides, their colorful designs work to attract multitudes.

  • It’s a classic stethoscope, without pressure-tunable membranes (as it is the case with Littmann models). This means that it comes with a traditional diaphragm in one side of the chestpiece and an open bell in the opposite side. Thus, we will use the diaphragm to auscultate high frequencies and the open bell for low frequencies.
  • Both the chestpiece and the binaural are manufactured with stainless steel. Besides, it includes 3 pairs of eartips of different sizes.
  • Life-long guarantee with free parts replacement.
  • With a focus on aesthetics: available on 17 different colors and finishes.

LIST PRICE: As mentioned earlier, the price is one of its strong points. It’s typically around $50, but it is slightly more expensive in the most sophisticated colors. Let’s check the current price of the basic version of this stethoscope:


2. MDF ER Premier Cardiology

Mdf Stethoscope ER Cardiology

The MDF stethoscope ER Premier Cardiology (recently renamed ProCardial Core™) is, performance-wise, at the top shelf of the whole MDF range. Its performance is clearly superior to the MDF MD One we checked earlier on, but not as high as in other models we will review later on.

It was initially launched as a specific stethoscope for emergency physicians, as it was one of the first MDF stethoscopes that had built-in pressure tunable diaphragms on both sides of the chestpiece. Let’s recall that such feature, present in almost all Littmann models, allows a stethoscope to be much more versatile since one side of their chestpiece is targeted to adult clients while the other is destined to pediatric ones.

  • The tunable diaphragm can be replaced on its smaller side by a non-chill bell ring, and then we will have a classic open bell on this side (exclusive for low frequency auscultations).
  • It includes dual-lumen tubing with better acoustics than other models of the same brand. Improved efficiency and isolation are achieved thanks to this technology, besides a more efficient reduction of environmental noise.
  • The chestpiece and the binaural are made of high quality stainless steel and the whole stethoscope comes with a lifelong guarantee for parts replacement.
  • Available in 7 different colors.

LIST PRICE: Its price is quite competitive, considering its performance and the lifelong guarantee it includes. In fact, it is far from being an expensive stethoscope:

3. MDF ProCardial C3

Mdf stethoscope Procardial C3

We arrive now to one of the highest performance models in the whole brand. Besides, it is one of the most versatile in the market as well. One of its peculiarities is that it includes six interchangeable parts that will allow us nine different configurations of the chestpiece. Therefore, we are dealing with a perfect stethoscope for those professionals who crave polyvalence to auscultate pediatric, infant or adult clients.

  • It includes six interchangeable pieces for the chestpiece, which allow the arrangement of the adjustable diaphragm and the open bell, both on adult and on pediatric clients.
  • It includes dual-lumen tubing, with two independent auditory channels and better isolation. In short, it provides superior acoustic performance.
  • Handmade with high quality stainless steel and lifelong guarantee for all its parts.
  • It’s worth saying that this is quite a heavy stethoscope. However, in order to solve this inconvenience, MDF launched a variation of this model manufactured with titanium: ProCardial C3 Lightweight Titanium (approximately, about $50 more expensive).

LIST PRICE: The stainless steel model is usually listed for just about $100 (you can check here the price of the titanium model). Let’s check the updated price of the most affordable model:


4 out of 5

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4. MDF Classic Cardiology

MDF stethoscope classic cardiology

The MDF Classic Cardiology combines two characteristics: it is a stethoscope with a very good performance and at the same time, it works in a classic manner. It doesn’t come with tunable diaphragms or interchangeable parts for its chestpiece. It has a traditional diaphragm on one side of its chestpiece and a high performance open bell on the other. In short, an advanced stethoscope for those lovers of tradition who don’t require polyvalence and that will treat adult clients in their professional practice.

  • It comes with a traditional bell and a high performance diaphragm, handmade in high quality stainless steel.
  • It includes dual-lumen tubing with two independent auditory channels, improved acoustic performance and better isolation from environmental noise.
  • As the other MDF stethoscopes, it comes with a lifelong guarantee for parts replacement.

LIST PRICE: Its price is among the highest of the whole MDF range, as well as its performance. However, it is far from being an expensive stethoscope:


5. MDF ProCardial ERA Cardiology Lightweight

MDF ProCardial ERA

MDF’s ProCardial ERA Cardiology Lightweight is, very likely, the most innovative model by MDF Instruments. As we can see in the picture, its design is based on the classic Sprague Rappaport double-tubed stethoscopes. However, these stethoscopes have a hindrance: The brushing of its rubber tubes produces strong friction noises that can interfere with auscultations.

In this case, MDF keeps the two channels for typical noises of the Sprague Rappaport but merges them into a single tube. In this manner, it keeps the advantages of having two independent channels but it removes the friction noises provoked by the brushing.

  • Highly versatile: In the same way than other MDF models, it includes 6 interchangeable chestpieces that allow for up to 9 different configurations. In other words, you will be able to build your tailor-made chestpiece, with adult and pediatric sides; using either a classic open bell or a pressure tunable diaphragm for pediatric patients.
  • The chestpiece, as usual, is made of high quality stainless steel to offer excellent acoustics.
  • This is a Lightweight model, lighter than most MDF Instruments models.
  • It includes a lifelong guarantee and free parts replacement.

LIST PRICE: Its price is very close to other MDF ProCardial models’ (the brand’s highest performance models). It can be currently found at:

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