The Ultrascope Experience: Personalized Stethoscopes

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Have you ever considered, that you probably spend more time with your stethoscope than any of your friends, colleagues, or patients?

Your stethoscope accompanies you everywhere: to work, at the hospital, on-call, when visiting a patient’s home, and any location in between. The stethoscope around your neck is your steady companion, an extension of yourself and what you represent.

So, who else is totally BORED of the milquetoast Littmanns and MDF’s that you find literally everywhere?

This is where the Ultrascope comes in. Finally, a brand of stethoscopes that provides crisp acoustics that even professional cardiologists can be proud of, while also being highly customizable to your style and liking.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Ultrascope stethoscope offerings, and providing a brief comparison to other leading brands such as 3M Littmann, MDF Instruments, etc.

What is Ultrascope?

Ultrascope is a top-notch stethoscopes company that offers phenomenal acoustics coupled with highly personalized designs and color options.

ultrascopes custom

Unlike most brands, the Ultrascope uses a solid acrylic chestpiece. Unlike the metals used in traditional stethoscopes, the acrylic heads act to dampen ambient noise and helps you to focus on subtle sounds with greater precision. You don’t get this effect with steel, aluminum or titanium used in traditional stethoscopes.

In fact, ultrascopes are so crisp and clear, that users have reported it is easier to hear low-frequency sounds such as S3 gallops with ultrascopes vs. the typical Littmann chestpiece designs.

The company behind Ultrascope stethoscopes may not be as big as other renowned manufacturers, but the quality of their highly personalized stethoscopes definitely stands up to scrutiny. Ultrascope has been making ultra-unique and ultra-personalized stethoscopes for over 30 years.

They offer a wide variety of acrylic heads with fabulous, artistic, and unique chestpieces. From glitter sparkles to pets, they have something for everyone. You can even get one custom-made with your own picture or art!

Whether you want ultrascopes with your initials or logo, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of designs. They also offer all manner of colored tubing, charms, and nametags.

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Ultrascope Stethoscope Reviews

If you want to express yourself while maintaining a professional look and high capability in auscultation, you should consider investing in an Ultrascope stethoscope.

We’ll now review each product offering, and their standout features:

Ultrascope Single Stethoscope

ultrascope single stethoscope

The Ultrascope Single Stethoscope is their flagship model. A fully customizable acrylic head, engravable, and you can choose your own tubing color. Choose between an Adult or Pediatric head size, and away you go.


  • The Ultrascope stethoscopes have superb acoustics
  • They have excellent noise reduction and sound isolation
  • These stethoscopes are highly convenient and comfortable to use
  • They are also patient-friendly, making them best for use among kids
  • You are guaranteed to receive a distinctive design
  • They are undoubtedly high-quality products
  • You can customize the design to your preference
  • They also come with a lifetime warranty


  • No options for other ear tips

Ultrascope Duo Stethoscope

ultrascope duo

The Duo Stethoscope option provides tubing with two optional chestpiece attachments.

You can customize each chestpiece individually and can choose between Adult or Pediatric sizes.

Ultrascope Classic Stethoscope

ultrascope classic stethoscope

The Ultrascope Classic Stethoscope is ideal for the hearing impaired.

This stethoscope is of the double lumen style, also known as Sprague Rappaport. The two-lumen tubes attached to the chestpiece will carry sounds individually through both tubes to each ear, providing for greater clarity.

Which slightly more expensive than the standard single model, these are ideal as a stethoscope for hard of hearing medical professionals.

Ultrascope Extended Stethoscope

ultrascope extended

The Extended Stethoscope option provides an optional 18″ tubing extension, that attaches the same way as a duo head and is cross-compatible with the Duo head option.

You can choose your extension tubing color as well, and there are many options.

Ultrascope Teaching Stethoscope

ultrascope teaching

The Ultrascope Teaching Stethoscope provides a single chestpiece head with a Y-adapter, and two sets of tubing and lumens.

This allows for an instructor and student to listen to the same sounds on the same chestpiece. You can select a color for each tubing as well.

Maxiscope Stethoscope Reviews

maxiscope single stethoscope

Maxiscope is the low-frills model made by Ultrascopes, providing greater affordability for students and medical professionals on a budget.

The Maxiscope comes in the following options, similar to an Ultrascope:


  • Maxiscope offers great acoustics with solid acrylic heads
  • They offer outstanding sound isolation, making them perfect for use in a noisy environment.
  • Very affordable, up to half the price of a full Ultrascope
  • They are very comfortable to use
  • You can have the solid-color acrylic head engraved by Ultrascope


  • Only solid-color heads are available
  • There is no Duo option, no ability to switch head sizes
  • They do not offer a Pediatric head size.

Personalized Engraving option

If you want a personalized engraving option for your stethoscope, then Ultrascope has a team ready to help bring your dream to reality.

From arched names to monograms, logos, and even symbols, the personalizing team from Ultrascope can make anything come to life. In addition, you will have a chance to choose fonts, colors as well as locations.

You will fall in love with the personalized engraving design of Ultrascope. The team there is great at working with customers on custom designs, so head to their custom stethoscope design page and tell them what you want for your stethoscope.

We actually have a whole review on stethoscope engraving, see our Ultimate Guide to Stethoscope Engraving.

Stethoscope Charms / Bling

Stethoscope charms/bling are relatively small decorative elements used around a stethoscope’s tubing, giving it a bracelet appearance. You can personalize your Ultrascope stethoscope with charms/bling to get an understated look or even match with your cloth or color scheme. Check out the wide variety that Ultrascope offers here!

stethoscope charms

As a medical practitioner, you do not have to use the standard black and white stethoscope; personalize your Ultrascope classic stethoscope with some sleek blings to enhance your look. In fact, personalizing your stethoscope with blings and charms makes it easy to identify it. As a result, you do not have to worry about mixing up your Ultrascope stethoscope with others.

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Holster Clips

If you do not want to wear your Ultrascope stethoscope around the neck, holster clips will be best. The Ultrascope Stethoscope Holster Clips are relatively easy to use, highly durable. They feature a comfortable design attached anywhere from your waistband to scrub pocket, belt, and even purse. In addition, these clips fit all Maxiscope and Ultrascope stethoscopes.


Holster clips come in different colors allowing you to choose one that will best suit your needs with the utmost ease. Choose a color that will match your uniform or even the hospital color theme. You do not have to carry your stethoscope on your shoulder anymore with holster clips. The best part is that this clip enhances convenience.

Colorful Tubing

Are you on the lookout for the best colorful tubing for your stethoscope? If yes, then you should look no further than the Ultrascope brand. Here, you will find an array of colorful tubing that will best suit your Ultrascope single stethoscope. In addition, you will have a chance to choose a tubing color that will match your color scheme.


From pink to blue, Ultrascope offers an endless color spectrum for stethoscopes. Unfortunately, these colorful tubings are designed for Maxiscope and Ultrascope stethoscopes only. In addition, the company does not guarantee the fit and quality of acoustics for any other brand of stethoscope. So, if you want to enhance your look while maintaining professionalism within your work environment, consider investing a colorful tubing for your stethoscope.

Closing thoughts

After going through the Ultrascope reviews, you can clearly state that Ultrascope stethoscopes are undoubtedly one of the best if not the best products in today’s market. However, choosing that will best suit your needs with different stethoscope brands available in today’s market can be frustrating.

However, with an Ultrascope stethoscope, you are guaranteed to not only receive high-quality products but also enhance your looks by personalizing your stethoscope to suit your needs. When you compare Ultrascope stethoscope vs. Littmann, you will understand why Ultrascope is considered the overall best stethoscope company in today’s market.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best stethoscope company with top-notch personalizing designs, you should settle for Ultrascope. We promise you will never regret making that move. With that said, we hope you have found this article beneficial.

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Have you tried an Ultrascope of Maxiscope yourself? Let us know your experience n the comments below!

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